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Jokes, Funny Jokes, and Dirty Jokes

Who doesn't like a good joke now and then? All types of jokes are usually welcome by most people with a sense of humor. After all, humor is what makes life fun. A clean joke or a dirty joke, what's the difference? Dirty Joke is just what has evolved from the religious fanatical culture. Dirty is generally substituted for sex. A sex joke would be a more accurate label. What is dirty about sex anyway. If is weren't for sex and the hunger for it, you and I would not be here. I'll continue to use the term dirty joke just because it is a widely used term.

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When doing a search for keywords on Overture, here are the results for joke that came up: dirty joke was number one, funny joke, blonde joke, practical joke, joke of the day, clean joke, yo mama joke, joke book, adult joke, nigger joke, redneck joke, black joke, racist joke, kid joke, sex joke, email joke, mama joke, mexican joke, joke knock knock, christian joke, free joke, and a number of other joke types. Does it surprise anyone that dirty joke is number one on the list with 137,750 requests in one month. You'll notice up above that I have 2 types of jokes by email available. The dirty joke and normal jokes. I don't know if there is such a thing as normal jokes, but I figured that most people would know that it means all jokes that are not dirty or sexual in nature. I would hate to offend someone with a joke about sex, but those same people will most likely know all about the terminator movie and let their children see it. It is obvious that the real joke is that they are dysfunctional about sex and try to blame others as being dirty or perverted.

Jokes by Email

A joke is a very desirable item. People love jokes because laughing is good for the mind and body. No matter how many jokes you have heard, there is always room for another joke whether it be a dirty joke, blonde joke, clean joke, mama joke, adult joke, redneck joke, or recist joke. I guess people like to laugh because it releases some endorphines into the brain which give a good feeling. It makes me wonder if animals laugh. Have you ever tried telling a joke to your dog? I've seen animals laugh in TV commercials, but not in real life. Maybe it is just a language barrier that your dog didn't laugh at your joke. Whatever it was, stop telling your dog jokes and get back to work. LOL. Did you know what the LOL stands for? When conversing on-line or in a chat room it is an acronym for "laugh out loud". That is a real hearty laugh and LOL is the way to display your intense laughter. Here is a joke for you! Just check out the dog in the bun. I'll bet that some cyote somewere is licking his chops over that tasty little morsel. So, why is that picture funny. What is it that makes a joke funny? I think it is the expectation that we have, such as seeing a weiner in the bun, but someone has substituted a weiner dog instead. It even looks funny because it is different that what we expect to see. Maybe it has something to do with the picture in our minds eye of what would happen if we tried to eat the hot dog. Many of the women out there are probably going, "oh, how adorable, oh how cute" and that is not a joke, but a mothering instinct. So, who really cares about all the crap I just wrote. NO ONE. So why did I write it? For search engine positioning of course. LOL.